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Notre Dame of Maryland University


  US - Baltimore,  MD

Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) is a private institution established in 1895 with the mission to educate leaders to transform the world. NDMU is dedicated to providing a well-rounded educational experience, one rooted in the liberal arts with a strong focus on professional preparedness and success. It is a comprehensive co-educational university with Maryland’s only women’s college. The University offers a wide variety of full and part-time undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and certificate programs for women and men and enrolls approximately 2,500 students. NDMU is located on a beautiful 58-acre wooded campus in the northern Baltimore residential neighborhood of Homeland. For more information, visit www.ndm.edu.

  About Project

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The primary goal of Universitas 2020 issue was to introduce the launch of the new NDMU brand in an engaging and exciting way to alumni, as well as donors, students, faculty, and staff. That presentation starts with the die-cut cover, which departs from the design of past issues. The aim was to visually represent a reveal of the new brand look that would encourage people to learn more. The cover design also marries the signature illustration with the new tagline, “The Best You,” representing how the word “you” is filled in with the brand look.

Before this issue’s publication in November 2020, there was a soft launch of the brand to faculty, staff, and students, but it was completely new for the alumni and most donors. The stories highlight successes of alumni, students, faculty, and staff during the pandemic, as it was published about eight months after the global shutdown. A lot of the photography illustrates NDMU’s resilience during the pandemic, along with two COVID-19-related main stories and testimony-based features.

The publication is the epitome of the brand colors and design in action and reflects the look of new campus signage. Feedback from alumni, trustees, and other stakeholders has been very positive, and many of them expressed that they liked the new design and messaging, saying that the brand feels like it captures the essence of the NDMU community. Alumni like the aspirational tone of the brand that permeated the stories, highlighting how NDMU brings out the best version of individuals to impact the world.

The web version of the cover story introducing the brand received about 300 all-time pageviews, with users spending an average of 3:25 on the page, which is significant for the NDMU web news section. We created an Instagram hype video that has more than 350 all-time views -- a high for NDMU. Since this issue’s publication, NDMU enjoyed a record-breaking year in fundraising.

Although it is not primarily a fundraising piece, Universitas 2020 includes a soft ask and was mailed to about 8,500 people with a donation envelope, raising $9,515 from 31 envelopes.


Signature illustration by David Plunkert of Spur Design in Baltimore
Graphic Designer, Notre Dame of Maryland University, Rachel Camponeschi
Former Senior Communications Manager, Notre Dame of Maryland University, Catherine Subrizi
Former AVP for University Communications & Marketing, Notre Dame of Maryland University, Christian Kendzierski