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NORDUnet operates a world-class data network, based on dark fibre and spectrum sharing, together with support for e-infrastructures, including media services like videoconferencing and lecture capturing & playback.

NORDUnet is a collaboration between the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) of the five Nordic countries; Denmark (DeiC), Iceland (RHnet), Norway (Uninett), Sweden (SUNET), and Finland (Funet).

The ebook's two multimedia formats can be download from the publication page. https://40.nordu.net/Anniversary-Publication.html

- A high-end interactive version in an Apple iBooks version
- Less interactive Andriod epub3 version

Here's a YouTube link to the iBook's one-minute video trailer showing a few of the multimedia elements and touch-based interactions. 

  About Project

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The Power of Nordic Unity – 40 Years of NORDUnet

The iBook version is an interactive multi-touch experience with audio, video, and stunning visuals.

Years in the making, NORDUnet’s 40th-anniversary publication was a collaborative effort that highlights the achievements and contributions by Nordic NRENs that provide connectivity services to the Research and Education community.


Editor-in-Chief: Erik-Jan Bos, NORDUnet

Project Manager & Content Creator: Karoline Lawætz, ScienceCPH

Creative Director & Producer: Bee Kapitan, Interactive Bee Media Media

Coordinator & Video Production: Valerio Trafeli, Interactive Bee Media