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We deal with a diverse spectrum of clients, from independent start-ups to large multi-national corporations—hundreds of businesses worldwide rely on ipulse. ipulse is built on IDEAS. When selecting a creative design agency, you want to work with an established creative team that possesses the knowledge and enthusiasm necessary to develop a distinctive brand for your organisation. Our work proudly displays hundreds of unique, innovative concepts. We have a track record of success in both B2B and B2C businesses. At ipulse, we refuse to confine our creativity to a single genre.

  About Project

The Peduli Anak Foundation can be found on the remote Indonesian island of Lombok, where it’s founder was traveling through the rural areas of Indonesia in 2005 he was confronted with the lives of street children. To celebrate 10 years of Peduli Anak’s journey in helping children in Indonesia our design team at ipulse offered to design a book that would tell the story of the organisation from the beginning to the present time and highlight the ongoing problems and realities endured by street children and how Peduli Anak transforms their life.

Our concept for the book was to tell two stories that meet in the middle. One side of the book you can start with the celebration of the wonderful work the foundation has achieved and to have an insight of how better the children’s lives are today. Flip the book around and you see the other side and the ongoing problem with street children in Lombok. The two covers are a harsh contrast as we wanted to show clearly the problem and the solution. Our aim with this design was to encourage the reader to make an instant change and contribute to the foundation in either buying the book or by going online and sponsoring a child, by telling two very different narratives we wanted to spark an emotion in the reader.

The book was 160 pages in content and printed with a hard cover and Matt paper, distributed throughout Lombok and sold online.