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  US - Springville,  UT

Tamarak is a venture-focused, multi-family office headquartered in Springville, Utah.

Tamarak has built durable and purposeful companies in unique industries by investing capital, supporting with elite services, and mentoring its entrepreneurs toward accelerated success.


  About Project

After building the brand the last few years, it was time to refresh our Brand Standards (2020), as we have adopted new logos and colorways. The Standards show how the brand should be portrayed, not just digitally and on-paper, but as it is LIVED.

Additional to the Brand Standards, we refreshed our website (2020): www.tmrk.com. And probably the coolest part, we built out a merch store (2019) for personnel and the public to purchase our highly sought after swag: store.tmrk.com.


Gregg Johnstun, Creative Director + Brand Creator
Caleb Jones, Web Design
Daniel Kellis, Sr. Multi-Media Designer