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S&C Electric Company


  US - Chicago,  IL

S&C Electric Company applies its heritage of innovation to address challenges facing the world’s power grids and shape the future of reliable electricity delivery.

  About Project

S&C Electric Company is a 109-year-old company and a worldwide leader in solutions for the electric power industry. Previous ad campaigns as a whole were suffering from under-inspiring marketing communications, and were mired in a sea of advertising sameness with little branding evident between the many players in the space. Most ads in the industry focused on product functions and features--not how products benefit the business or the end-customer. Plan B Agency and S&C worked to elevate the company's visibility and positioning in the market as the leader in “reliability,” developing a bold, branded ad campaign designed to pop out of all the industry trade publications. The juxtaposition of formulaic single-word headlines atop thematic imagery drove brand awareness sky high with each new placement, with messaging that reinforced the company’s long-standing commitments to innovation and excellence.


S&C collaborated on the development of these ads with the ad agency Plan B.