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Matter Communications


  US - Newburyport,  MA

Matter Communications is an award-winning PR agency that integrates client goals into results-driven campaigns. Since 2003, Matter has elevated brands with integrated PR, Social Media, Creative Content and Digital Marketing, specializing in Media Relations, Design and Brand Strategy.

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The current ways of leading are failing to meet the challenges of our disrupted workforces. Today’s leaders have a choice between adaptation or atrophy: are you ready to evolve your mindset and accelerate change within your organization? Join ALJ founder Pete Behrens and other leading experts as they speak freely and deeply about their journeys to grow and improve as leaders. It’s time to pivot: plug-in to relearn leadership.
In this second ever episode of the (Re)Learning Leadership podcast, host Pete Behrens interviews Josh Forman, a Director of Engineering from a high-tech scale-up organization, who shares his story of navigating the vast changes in his company and specifically dealing with a new COO. Following Josh's interview, Pete talks with Rachel Weston Rowell, a leadership teams coach who specializes in startup and scale-up organizations, to discuss Josh's story and what all leaders can learn from it.

Matter launched (Re)Learning Leadership with Agile Leadership Journey and was responsible for creating the entire brand identity: from the show's name and artwork to production and strategic planning to distribution. As for all episodes in the 10-episode Season 1, Matter remotely produced, edited, mixed and mastered this episode.


Pete Behrens – Host
Gabe Gerzon – Producer
David Riemer – Audio Engineer
Nicole Bedard – Artwork
Joy Zimmerman & Ryan Dugan – Music