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Helen & Gertrude


  US - Rochester,  NY

We use data and insights to inform every step of our process. While other agencies believe in a creative- or media-first approach, we believe that creative and media cannot successfully exist without an equal balance of each other.

  About Project

RefleXion technology recently received FDA clearance to enter the market as a breakthrough way to treat cancer. They needed a site refresh that was just as innovative as their groundbreaking ability to treat cancer using Biology Guided Radiotherapy. We created a website that successfully communicates with multiple stakeholders (patients, clinicians, researchers, cancer centers, investors, the C-suite, and current and potential employees), is easy-to-use, and strongly displays RefleXion’s branding. The average session duration is up 72% since the new website was launched in May of 2019. Plus, the average bounce rate is down 8%.


Tom Kemper, Senior Visual Designer
Kristen Jones, Strategic Account Director
Kirsten VandenBout, Creative Director
Leire Bascaran, Co-Founder & Chief-of-Strategy
Becca Post, Co-Founder & CEO
Makeway, LLC, Development Team