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  US - Newburyport ,  MA

Headquartered north of Boston in Newburyport, Massachusetts, Matter Communications executes creative, results-driven public relations and social media programs on behalf of consumer and high-technology clients. We have in-house graphic design and video capabilities for projects big and small.

  About Project

Interactions, LLC is a PR client of Matter in the customer service, telecommunications and voice recognition space. As they approached a huge public announcement they sought to partner with a creative agency to elevate their overall corporate branding to reflect this achievement and their new place in the industry.

In order to up-level their brand, Interactions sought to find a logo, a logo with a tagline lock-up and a stand-alone “mark”. The mark should be very easily recognizable and able to work alone as an icon similar to Apple’s apple or Uber’s “u”, leaving no doubt in a viewer’s mind as to what company the brand belongs to. Interactions needed an identity that would portray the company as all of the following: sleek, bold, current but timeless, relatable, tech-forward, innovative and non-channel specific. Studio-C by Matter also needed to create a logo that reflected Interactions’ core values of ingenuity, impact, service and passion. They also wanted to be sure that the friendliness of the customer interactions was portrayed effectively as well and not overshadowed by the “sharpness” of what can sometimes come through in tech creative. The previous Interactions logo contained “talk bubbles” that relay to the viewer the company’s association to speech recognition. While Interactions didn’t want to lose that entirely, they did want to evolve the look to be much cleaner and more modern, and also incorporate more of the technology feel into the iconography so that they are not tied so closely to that one channel.

Studio-C began the project by conducting a brand audit of all of Interactions’ print collateral, online properties and social profiles, which were presented at an in-person kick-off meeting. During this meeting, results were discussed and goals were defined. In the coming months, graphic designers worked through the process of creating moodboards to define the brand’s font book, color palette, icon library and image style. Once finalized, the designers moved into the process of sketching logo and mark options, which were revised with client feedback until finalized. And lastly, all of these elements were defined in a style guide document that details the acceptable usage of each new piece of the brand. This style guide is a living document that will continue to be added to and amended as the brand grows and evolves.

Attachments include documentation of logo before and after, brand guidelines, moodboard process project, photos of office signage and printed collateral. The logo is also used on their website at http://www.interactions.com/ and also across their social media properties –
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/interactions-corporation
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/interactionsco
Twitter - https://twitter.com/interactionsco
Google+ - https://plus.google.com/107592409787511186013/videos

Below are quotes about the project from our main client contact, Jane Price, VP of Marketing:

“The reaction to the new brand has been really great! One of the things I always laugh about is that for everyone have such a positive reaction to it internally and really embrace it as an evolution of the Interactions brand. Externally, we work a lot with analysts and press, and we have a lot of very large companies that are our clients and overwhelmingly they’ve had very positive things to say about it, bringing it up in conversations with us just on their own, which is always nice.”

“At the end of the day, what has happened since we’ve rebranded is there’s been an elevation of the brand. It’s really kind of brought out our true personality. I think before, our logo was fine, but it didn’t have as much thought behind it - our mission, our core value - and what we ended up with was this logo that really presents who we are as a company to the world and so I think that’s really opening conversations with our customers, with our clients and presenting who we are, who we’ve evolved into as a company to the public.”

“The piece that I’ve really learned from the process of working with Studio-C was to take this holistic view of the logo, and of our brand and thinking it through. So we really started at the beginning with the basics, you know - what are the fonts we’re using? What are the colors? What are the images we’re using that are portraying the message that we’re putting out to the marketplace? We really created something that’s cohesive and strong and holds together well as we create everything else. And so we’ve built a series of collateral and web pages and content that plays well together and I think all the ground work that we did with Studio-C helped us to get there really quickly and the end result is just fabulous.”

PLEASE NOTE: Studio-C did not design the Interactions website, though the branding we did design is used within the site.