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Epsilon is a global marketing company with three core business capabilities — marketing, data and creative. We serve over 2,600 clients around the globe. Our depth of data resources and analytics allow us to merge transactional and behavioral data with insights for deep consumer understanding.

  About Project

60% of probiotic users don’t know that stomach acid impacts a probiotic’s efficacy. So we used a team of engaging characters as brand ambassadors to tell the story of why Probiotic Pearls are the small but smarter choice.

We led the charge by creating ad units featuring “Scuba Steve” swimming through, thriving in, and surviving stomach acid. We utilized his friendly charm to show how an advanced, triple-layer coating helps the active cultures inside Pearls get where they need to go.

These powerful little ads reiterated our survivability message, brought our consumer to our website with a savings incentive, and delivered strong sales results as well.

If needed, username for web link is : user
password is: PearlsOLA