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Power Digital Marketing


  US - San Diego,  CA

Power Digital Marketing is a data-driven digital marketing agency that caters to the diverse spectrum of digital marketing channels including Web Development, SEO, Content Marketing, PR & Influencer Marketing, Social Media, Paid Media, Email Marketing, and CRO.

  About Project

Power Digital Marketing (PDM) worked with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties (BHHS California) on developing an influencer marketing campaign focused on four main categories: home sellers, home buyers, agent recruitment, and open house influencers.

These categories were selected to showcase the different offerings Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties has while also promoting overall brand awareness in Southern California.

PDM partnered with macro-influencers with following sizes ranging from 12,000 to 700,000 in all four of these categories for maximum brand exposure, while also promoting individual agents and each agent’s respective listings through open house events.

Keeping in mind that Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties is a luxury Real Estate Agency, offering the highest quality service, whether it is a buyer who currently owns multiple vacation properties or a first-time buyer, PDM looked to reach a large and diverse audience by partnering with Southern-California based influencers ranging from ages 28 to 40 seeing that these are peak home-buying and selling years. In regards to influencer categories, PDM partnered with male and female lifestyle influencers, LGBTQ influencers, mommy influencers, and health and wellness influencers.

The goal of the campaign was to gain more brand exposure for the agents, their listings, and the BHHS California brand at large by targeting individuals who were actively buying and selling their homes in California and could tell the story of how BHHS California supported in that journey. In addition to brand exposure, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties’ goal was to find a new marketing offering for their agents to further promote themselves and their businesses on social media as a competitive edge rooted in a popular marketing avenue that was previously unexplored by the real estate industry.

Our campaign KPIs included: total engagements, total story actions (clicking the UTM links we created for each partner to drive website traffic), total pieces of content secured (image and video assets), and integration with paid social campaigns. We worked with 11 total influencer partners over a period of three months within each target category, which resulted in two buyer influencers, one seller influencer, one recruiter influencer to educate followers on the process of becoming a realtor and drive interest, and seven open house influencers to attend open houses for top agents.

The results:
- The ‘seller’ influencer partner’s content received 10,435 total likes, 206 comments, 284,367 total story views, 1,850 total story actions, and 326,544 total impressions.
- The ‘buyer’ influencer partners’ content received 8,941 total likes, 347 total comments, 37,591 total story views, 861 total story actions and 31,983 total story impressions.
- The ‘recruiter’ influencer partner’s content 39,885 total likes, 268 total comments, 288,132 total story views, 413 total story actions, and 318,606 total story impressions.
- The ‘open house’ influencer partners’ content received 670,233 total views, 11,755 total actions, and 721,893 total impressions.
- On top of overall engagements, impressions, and actions taken from the campaign, the content was leveraged in paid social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

The overall impact of the campaign was increased exposure for not only the BHHS California brand, but also the agents. Through this campaign, Power Digital Marketing was able to pioneer a new offering for the brand’s agents through influencers attending open houses to garner more attention towards the listings. Now, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties has a core marketing offering for their agents and has reached audiences otherwise untapped in addition to leveraging these creative assets across all marketing initiatives.