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Key Medium


  US - Philadelphia,  PA

Key Medium produces branded experiences for purpose-driven organizations, businesses, and government agencies. Our team of senior design, development, and marketing experts transform your website into a unique experience that spotlights your brand and drives interest, action, and advocacy

  About Project

The completely revamped website features a streamlined and simplified component-based design system, improved functionality, and enriched content areas that connects residents with career opportunities and provide employers with access to the talent they need to be competitive.

Mobile-First, Streamlined Design:
The website’s mobile-first and modern platform is designed for improved user experience. This enables users to be able to digest information in chunks, with the most relevant, useful content first, and as quickly as possible. This ensures the best experience possible, with speed and usability top-of-mind, rather than an afterthought.


Elena Vayner
Meg Shoppe Koppel, Ph.D.
Rachel Dukeman
Ali Jaffar
Erkan Salhi
Kasey Thompson
P'unk Avenue