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  About Project

As part of its 2015-2018 Strategic Plan, the City of Kitchener implemented the city’s first neighbourhood strategy called Love My Hood. Created based on feedback heard through the city’s largest community engagement process, Love My Hood is a three-year plan to help residents take the lead in their neighbourhoods.

After thousands of hours talking to residents, community partners and other stakeholders, a list of 18 actions was identified to help neighbours connect and work together to shape their community. These actions included building community gardens, Little Libraries, hosting porch parties and finding new ways to communicate online.

As part of Love My Hood, the City sought the help of eSolutions to create a brand new website to showcase neighbourhood initiatives and help residents pursue the projects they are passionate about.

Through a collaborative sitemapping process with the City and its stakeholders, LoveMyHood.ca took shape. The City needed an AODA-compliant website with an intuitive content management system (CMS), a search function, a commenting forum, a responsive design, the ability to view and export usage data and an event calendar.

It was also important for the website to use social media integration, pulling features like Facebook events and relevant Tweets into the homepage. This integration, combined with the user-friendly Calendar Module, Parks and Facilities Module, an “Inventory of Ideas” blog section, and a responsive i:Create CMS makes LoveMyHood.ca the first destination for residents who want to connect with their neighbours and shape their neighbourhoods.

Armed with this brand new website, the City of Kitchener’s Love My Hood strategy will continue to effect positive change in neighbourhoods for years to come.

“Setting the bar high, this site has the potential to really inspire and connect. Well done, City of Kitchener! #lovemyhood”
- Brooke Robinson, Kitchener resident and #lovemyhood volunteer


The City of Kitchener partnered with eSolutionsGroup to create LoveMyHood.ca.