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Epsilon is a global marketing company with three core business capabilities — marketing, data and creative. We serve over 2,600 clients around the globe. Our depth of data resources and analytics allow us to merge transactional and behavioral data with insights for deep consumer understanding.

  About Project

Today's constantly-connected cook seeks video content for inspiration and education to help them deliver delicious and enjoyable meals for their family. Largely driven by search, this has resulted in YouTube becoming one of the biggest "how to" cookbooks for an entire generation.

Nakano Rice Vinegar comes in a range of flavors and helps add a healthy zest to any meal. This video series helps our consumers learn how to create delicious and healthy meals with our products, and allows them to view this content on any device, anywhere at any time. The graphics, music and composition of the videos represent the fun spirit of the brand, and helps consumers follow the recipe with or without their volume up - an important consideration for mobile recipe content today.