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Manulife Bank


  CA - Waterloo,  ON

Since its inception in 1993 as one of Canada’s first digital banks, Manulife Bank has been guided by the conviction that banking plays a central role in the financial health of Canadians. We offer innovative, flexible banking solutions designed to help make decisions easier and lives better for our customers.

  About Project

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Manulife One is Canada's first and best all-in-one mortgage and banking product. With Manulife One, customers could reduce their interest costs, become debt-free sooner and enjoy unprecedented financial flexibility. In 2020, we reimagined our Manulife One calculator, which shows homeowners what this innovative product could do for them. The new calculator is easier to use, has a fresh new interface, and allows customers to enter more detail about their finances. It also provides compelling insights throughout the journey, to help customers see how they could become debt-free sooner and potentially save thousands in interest.


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