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  US - Valencia,  CA

Scorpion is a company that is 100% client-focused and results-oriented because we believe that our success is only found in our clients’ success. At Scorpion, our specialists fight for our clients to win their space. We see ourselves as genuine partners with everyone we work with.

  About Project

Monkey Wrench Plumbing Co. is a plumbing company for the marketing-savvy homeowner in Los Angeles. Rather than focusing on boring plumbing photos or straightforward descriptions, Monkey Wrench’s site packs a bit of a sting. Their messaging highlights their cutting sense of humor and their uncommon honesty, while the site provides a simple and easy user experience. The graphics speak to the urban setting Monkey Wrench serves, allowing users to find information about basic plumbing needs while familiarizing them with the company’s vision and culture. The clean graphics speak deliberately to a unique audience, making this a powerful differentiator and marketing tool for a company in one of the most marketing-saturated and diverse cities on the planet.