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Ruby Slipper is a digital, marketing, and branding agency focused on the greater good. We delight in working with non-profits to amplify their mission. We specialize in strategic, lively brainstorming and creating fresh designs, all focused on broadcasting mission-driven work.

  About Project

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Mick Dodge was born in the Hoh rainforest and is a native of the Olympic Peninsula. For decades, he lived off the land and trained in the wild (which is where National Geographic found him). He has an intensive martial arts background from spending time in Okinawa, Japan. And he was in the Marine Corps for six years (his father was a career Marine). He has a deep connection with the earth and is known as the Barefoot Sensei. His philosophy is that when you plant your bare feet on the ground, you connect back to the roots, to the earth, and to the truth.

In the Spring of 2021, he was ready. Mick wished to build a website that encompassed the essence of his own unique philosophy. He and his partner, Denise, are growing soil and forest in the valley alongside Mt. Shasta in northern California. Their earthgym is called The Old Strength Farm, and it’s where they grow vegetables, listen to birdsong, and work to strengthen bodies — all barefoot, of course.

Our web designer Dená created a visually immersive layout with elemental hues — colors of rich farm soil, pine needles, forest canopy, and river water. She ghosted background photos loaded with natural elements — tree bark, river stones, and wildflowers. Her designs gave Mick the framework so his poetry and photography could unfold.

Our graphic designer Ashley created the logo for The Old Strength Farm which is loaded with symbolism. Look for the Celtic influence, the figure eight, the barbell with barefeet, and pine tree. This Farm is about growing soil, connecting to earth with bare soles, and building strength. She also did a new version of Mick’s Figure 8 map showing the “Urban/City,” “Open Fenced Lands” and “Gated Wild Lands” — the design is a nod to Mick’s delight with Tolkien.

The result is branding and a website that embodies the vision and philosophy of Mick Dodge.

The Old Strength Farm is a place to grow healthy soil, practice barefooting, strengthen the body, and connect through story.