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Scorpion is a company that is 100% client-focused and results-oriented because we believe that our success is only found in our clients’ success. At Scorpion, our specialists fight for our clients to win their space. We see ourselves as genuine partners with everyone we work with.

  About Project

Luminance recovery is a rehab center based in Orange County, with inpatient rehab centers on the beach in both Orange County and Malibu. The center is focused on helping drug and alcohol addicts recovery in a comfortable, community-oriented environment. The site reflects Luminance’s unique selling points while being entirely focused on the user’s experience. The aquatic blues tie the site to Luminance’s idyllic beach surroundings, while the slider and panel images highlight the community visitors can expect to develop at their rehab centers. Clear and cleanly-coded panels lay out what site visitors can expect at Luminance Recovery, as well has how rehab can address their unique needs. Each section is focused thematically on open spaces and togetherness—tying together the freedom and support that is part of the Luminance vision. Simple web forms allow users to get the answers they need quickly, while the intuitive navigation invites them to learn more about their affliction and how Luminance can help.