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Helen & Gertrude


  US - Rochester,  NY

We use data and insights to inform every step of our process. While other agencies believe in a creative- or media-first approach, we believe that creative and media cannot successfully exist without an equal balance of each other.

  About Project

LUMIFY® is the first and only OTC eye drop developed with low-dose brimonidine tartrate for the treatment of ocular redness due to minor eye irritations. Our objective was to launch a brand new product to the highly regulated OTC market by utilizing key social platforms to maximize reach for the most efficient cost (CPM), as well as to disrupt the currently stagnant eye redness reliever market.

We took the overarching campaign and developed a unique tone and voice for social media that created awareness around this new product. As an added element, we had to speak to beauty mavens within the legal constraints of the eyecare health market, as well as work within the Facebook and Instagram policies on showcasing before and after results.

Among the results, a big win was that the Red Eye Category saw growth at an accelerated rate of +39.8%. LUMIFY grew to 27.5% at the end of January 2019 from initial launch in June 2018 to take the #1 spot in the category!