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Litera Microsystems


  US - Chicago,  IL

Litera Microsystems is the leading provider of software for drafting, proofreading, comparing, repairing and cleaning documents in the legal and life sciences industries worldwide.

  About Project

The Changing Lawyer is a digital publication released in February 2018, developed from the idea that the legal technology industry can provide better knowledge and understanding of the legal profession. As a legal software company, Litera Microsystems saw an opportunity to provide its customers with insights into the challenges and trends law firms and lawyers are experiencing.

The purpose of The Changing Lawyer is to establish Litera Microsystems as a thought leader and knowledge expert in the legal community. To help lawyers be successful, we must have an understanding of their workflow, their organizational needs, and the cultural shifts in law firms. By putting these articles together, we can identify the market trends that are impacting our client base. Articles in The Changing Lawyer cover topics including the use of artificial intelligence for automating tasks, how law firms are adapting to cultural and generational changes, and how client behaviors are leading to new competition in the legal market.

The Changing Lawyer’s original design came about through the design of a series of white papers covering the use of artificial intelligence for automation in legal work. Litera Microsystems wanted to keep the design clean, modern and simple, but also use a design-style that appears timeless. Inspiration for the publication’s thematic colors came from Litera Microsystems logo colors. Greens, yellows, oranges, and blues feature heavily throughout the publication, used in graphics that introduce new articles and in the presentation of statistical data.

The collection of imagery used in The Changing Lawyer follows the themes of the articles themselves. A futuristic landscape was chosen for the “The Brave New Future of Law” article and a series of job applicants represents the “Competition in the Legal Market” article. Each article also features statistical data to support the written content. During the digital publication’s development, the creative team wanted to emphasize these statistics because of their impact on the story telling. For example, making the graphs dynamic in “Breaking the Mold in Law Firms” and “Cheaper, Faster, Better: Changing Client Expectations” so that they move with the scrolling of the page adds to the overall design decision to create impactful, insightful content.

Since its launch, the response to The Changing Lawyer has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve had multiple law firms and lawyers ask to write for or be featured in the next edition. The design and layout are also unique for the industry and consistently draws praise from our customers.