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We’re an independent creative marketing agency who provide on and off-site design services for Professional Services, Medical and Pharmaceutical and Not-for-Profit markets. We create compelling brand identities, winning bids and tenders and innovative digital and print solutions.

  About Project

In July 2015, Aon moved three of their office locations to the brand new Leadenhall building in London. This move also involved a large culture shift towards an agile working environment. We were invited to create an internal communications campaign that would build anticipation amongst employees before and during the move, and ease the transition into new working practices.
The messaging needed to be two-fold; first we needed to highlight the advantages of agile working against the traditional ‘own desk’ environment and secondly we were asked to help create some animated messaging that could be played on digital screens around the new building which would guide staff towards best practices when sharing work spaces. The messaging needed to be on point and humorous to avoid an overbearing tone.
The original ‘Lighter way of working’ campaign highlighted the aspects of freedom around agile working. Using imagery of people on the move around the workplace, that were so unfettered by hardware and desk space that they literally lifted off the ground. Along with the campaign phrase “4-3-2-1 Lift-off’ the messaging reinforced the concept of the countdown to the move as well as the oncoming liberation from anchored desk spaces.
For the best practices animations we used images of the new Aon workspace in the Leadenhall building and created characters out of everyday objects found in the workplace. With a ‘rag-time’ sound track the characters humourously described questionable work practices with a closing corporate message in rhyming couplets. The overall tone was funny, light and informative. One of the important aspects of these animations was that there was no guarantee that the animations would be viewed with sound which meant recording voice was not possible. We developed a style of highly expressive characters and speech bubbles to ensure the message would always translate, with or without sound.
The campaign was well received by employees and key stakeholders, materials were engaging and conveyed a clear message while staying true to the Aon brand.
To view all animations please go to https://vimeo.com/album/4474307 and use the password nucreative2017!