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Koalay.com is an online insurance broker. We offer multiple insurance quotes to consumers from the wide variety of insurers on our panel. Koalay.com makes buying the best insurance deal a quick, simple and user-friendly process through its smart infrastructure.

  About Project


While the term “user friendly” may be exhausted in the IT world, Turkey’s Koalay.com has brought that promise to Turkish consumers in a fresh way.

Koalay.com offers consumers the choice in learning about and purchasing auto insurance.

Until now, Turkish consumers seeking auto insurance would need to contact individual insurers one by one. There simply was no ‘one stop shopping’ vehicle for auto insurance. While advertising and promotion would reach the masses, the website was chosen as the main communications and marketing tool for the product due to the novelty of getting multiple Insurer quotes online. It would be the simplest means to purchase auto insurance online ever, a first in Turkey.

The website was the most efficient way to target prospects.

The ‘who, what, when, where and why’ of the website were:

• WHO: Auto owners, with the primary market being well-educated urban tech-lovers 30-50.

• WHAT: immediate multiple online quotations for free AND purchasing of auto insurance.

• WHERE: Turkey, nationwide.

• WHY: Most cost-effective and appealing marketing and sales outlet for auto insurance.

• HOW: Website visitors would follow 5 simple steps to get quotes from the largest selection of auto insurers and then purchase auto insurance…everything online through the website without lengthy application forms, salesman pressure, etc. Consumers could purchase auto insurance in as little as 3 minutes.

Koalay.com integrated 16 auto insurance providers into their system and piggybacked on their network. This saved both time and money and alleviated a potential aggressive above the line budget burden.

Koalay.com gathers all insurer related information through their advanced technological capabilities and presents information to the insurance companies, which allows the insurance companies to quote accordingly on their sophisticated and user friendly “Results Page.”

Koalay.com ranks the insurance prices from lowest to highest for easy user experience. The customer also has the ability to customize and compare the Insurer prices and thereafter make a purchase decision based on price, cover and/ or brand loyalty.

What separates the purchase experience through Koalay.com versus working with an Insurance agent is that Koalay.com is not bound to any one Insurer. Koalay.com represents the customer and not the Insurance company. Customers can purchase a policy from any Insurer of their choice.


Consumers were already aware of other comparison websites, mostly mechanical and boring. And it was not possible to obtain competitive quotes or to purchase insurance online. This alone made Koalay.com immensely original and competitive.

The novelty of an online auto insurance sales outlet would not be enough to guarantee business success for the product. Creativity would be essential in attracting consumer and media attention.

MASCOT: So Koalay.com was conceived by merging a koala bear figure (an animal native to Australia) and the word “kolay” (Turkish word meaning easy) = Koalay.com (Due to being an e-commerce business model they added .com to the brand name).
Their mascot has been used as a brand ambassador In Turkey for their online personal lines brokerage business.
Koala bears are known for being slow, spending 20 hours of their day sleeping. Therefore they use the hours of the day they are awake very productively in finding food, water and shelter. This is just like “Koala Cengiz,” with his relaxed approach to life enabling him to find the simplest, smartest and easiest way of getting things done.
When buying his car insurance for example, he goes to Koalay.com as little effort is needed. Koalay.com searches the entire insurance market and recommends the best insurance deal to suit his needs.
“Koala Cengiz” personifies the brand promise in a compelling way. The cute mascot guides the visitor through the already easy-to-navigate 5 step process to obtain the cheapest quote for auto insurance and purchase it.


Koalay launched in Turkey in 2013, focusing on awareness building and education. The website rollout in late 2014 had the following objectives:

Year 1 Year 2
Aug ’14 – July ‘15 Aug ’15 – July ‘16
Total Unique Visitors 600,000 480,000
Total Insurance Quotations 900,000 1,440,000


Even though Turkey is ranked in the top 5 countries with the highest internet usage in Europe, people were skeptical about purchasing auto insurance online. As websites had never been a major marketing or even a direct sales vehicle in the Turkish insurance sector before, Koalay.com faced the challenge of building consumer trust.

Changing the mindset of the Turkish culture from the traditional personal relationship with an insurance agent – with low brand loyalty – and not shopping around required an aggressive and upbeat marketing campaign. Ultimately, Turkish consumers were not getting the best possible prices from their agencies.

What’s more, as 80% of the Insurer market is represented by agents, Koalay.com represents the customer – a major difference. Here, too, education and trust building were essential.


• Koalay focused on being bullish about choice
• Creating awareness of the website through traditional advertising was the first tactic
• Educating consumers about online insurance broker services through PR was a second step
• Cross-marketing with Turkey’s largest B2C e-commerce site
• Targeted ads to attract visitors to the website stimulated traffic


Koalay.com’s bullish foray into the Turkish auto insurance world has shaken up the sector in a big way. First, consumer awareness of Koalay’s website is 29% higher with the target segments than projected. Koalay was amazed with the results of the website, surpassing all objectives, as follow:

Unique website visitor volume was 276,209 greater than the goal during the first two years.


Year 1 Year 2
Aug ’14 – July ‘15 Aug ’15 – July ‘16
Total Unique Visitors 768,388 587, 821
Total Insurance Quotations 1,700,000 2,005,680


“Cengiz Koalay” is sitting “fat and happy” in Turkey, having simplified auto insurance research and purchasing for consumers…