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Reinecke Design


  US - KRUM,  TX

Reinecke Design was established in 2016, out of the belief that businesses should expect more from their creative services. We began with a deep respect for small business, a background in Graphic Design, and the philosophy that "Design is the act of creating with purpose, on purpose."

With this as our foundation, we have set out to build a new kind of business service that emphasizes listening to our clients, setting clear goals, and solving real-world problems.

Today, Reinecke Design offers a range of services, from marketing, design, and copywriting, to print and apparel production, and even workflow management. We are so serious about the power of ideas, that we want to help bring yours to life, and to ensure every opportunity for success.

  About Project

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Photographer Kim Ward sought a successful portrait photographer in the N. Texas area. Well known for her family portraits, she was hired for a number of commercial bids for contractors and decided it was time to rebrand.

When she hired Reinecke Design, she was most interested in a simple logo update, but was quickly sold on the value of a full brand package. Using scaled-back research methods, and relying on the client's own photography to carry the brand, we developed a full brand suite by starting with client personas, brand persona, values and go-to-market strategy, before ever opening a design software tool. The result is a complete brand suite that is thoughtful, cohesive and adventurous.


Photography: Kim Ward

Brand Strategy: Chris Reinecke

Creative Direction: Chris Reinecke

Copywriting: Chris Reinecke