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  CA - Ottawa,  ON

Solace helps large enterprises become modern and real-time by giving them everything they need to make their business operations and customer interactions event-driven.

  About Project

In March 2020, the Solace leadership team made the difficult decision to cancel a company meeting that was set for June 2020 in Munich Germany, due to COVID-19. The event would have been a continuation of a yearly tradition, where hundreds of Solace team members from around the globe gather for a week of strategic planning, product road mapping and a variety of social and cultural activities.

Coming off the heels of one of Solace's most important product launches, the marketing team was stretched thin and only had 6 weeks to conjure up an alternate solution to the canceled Munich event.

The team decided to create a custom microsite, built around the event’s theme of ‘Elevate, with the objection of creating an immersive journey and social experience that would allow participants to learn, interact and socialize with each other. The team also felt it was important to provide entertainment, games and light-hearted humor and hence the “Lounge” was born.

The weeks leading up to the event were hectic, with long hours, including countless creative reviews and many technical challenges that had to be solved.

In the end, the company-wide virtual meeting was a big success with only a few glitches. The team received overwhelmingly positive responses and the high “page views” count and ‘average time on page” web statistics only confirmed the accomplishments.

The amazing outcome of this event is a testament to the hard-working, brilliant individuals who contributed to it. Masters of their domains, coming together as a team, each contributing piece by piece to a greater whole, with open minds and ready to embrace changes thrust upon by this pandemic.