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Precision Marketing Group


  US - Framingham ,  MA

Precision Marketing Group was founded in 2002 by Susan LaPlante-Dube and Maureen Condon. We're an award-winning, women-fronted company with one goal in mind: to get results for our B2B clients. We measure marketing in numbers, deliver high-quality leads, and have fun doing it!

  About Project

Precision Marketing Group (PMG) is a full-service outsourced marketing firm for B2B organizations.

Precision Marketing Group client, Kardex Group is a global industry partner for intra-logistic solutions and a leading supplier of automated storage solutions and material handling systems. One of their specialties is mobile robotics for eCommerce warehouse fulfillments.

Every year, Kardex Group attends Modex, a tradeshow for supply chain and manufacturing companies to discover cutting-edge innovations that can improve business efficiencies. For the 2020 Modex Conference, Kardex Group wanted a custom digital solution to allow them to demonstrate in real-time how their technology could translate to eCommerce fulfillment solutions.

Kardex decided to create an interactive brand experience that would allow Modex conference participants to choose a custom gift on a digital device and one of Kardex’s robotic solutions, think of it as a large advanced vending machine, would automatically retrieve the gift.

With only months before the conference, Modex quickly sought out an app development company for a quote to build out the digital portion of the interactive brand experience. Unfortunately, most of the app development companies they reached out to were over Kardex’s budget. One such company even quoted the app development project as high as $50,000.

Determined to come up with a solution that was quick to execute and affordable, Precision Marketing Group developed a webshop using HubSpot landing pages that would be able to execute on Kardex’s vision.
Conference participants that approach the Kardex booth would be able to access the webshop on an iPad and choose their custom gift.

Once a custom gift was chosen, the conference attendee would fill out a form asking for their contact information so that they could claim their gift.
Upon completing the contact form, a barcode would be emailed to the conference participant that they would need to present to a Kardex booth representative.

The Kardex representative would scan the barcode and their robotic solution would retrieve the custom gift.

This innovative digital experience enabled Kardex to demonstrate the technological capabilities of their product and capture lead contact information for future marketing and selling opportunities.

Precision Marketing Group’s webshop solution was executed with just a $4,000 budget, which is a fraction of the price compared to the app development company’s quoted $50,000 solution.

However, a week before the conference the Coronavirus took hold of the country and Kardex decided they would no longer attend for the safety of their employees. Quick on their feet, Precision Marketing Group developed a virtual booth accessible through a website that would allow conference attendees to view in-depth video product demonstrations and allow them to access the webshop to claim a free gift that would be mailed to anyone who would provide their contact information and mailing address.

The virtual booth was executed in just three days and has proven to be a hit! Of those that viewed the webshop, 14% of them gave their contact information to receive the custom gift. What makes this even more impressive is that contacts gave their mailing address, which is normally information that conference attendees are reluctant to give.

Precision Marketing Group’s creative ability to build a custom solution with a lean budget and pivot quickly to build an interactive digital booth experience so that Kardex could continue to interact with Modex conference attendees is truly impressive.

Last but not least, both of these interactive brand experiences are evergreen and will be used for future lead generation and brand awareness efforts for Kardex.

We hope that you find these interactive digital solutions worthy of a Hermes Award. Thank you for your consideration.

Supporting Files:
Webshop: https://blog.kardex-remstar.com/modex-custom-gift-2020
Virtual booth: https://info.kardex-remstar.com/modex