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Ruby Slipper is a digital, marketing, and branding agency focused on the greater good. We delight in working with non-profits to amplify their mission. We specialize in strategic, lively brainstorming and creating fresh designs, all focused on broadcasting mission-driven work.

  About Project

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Health Care Coalition of Southern Oregon works daily to improve health care access and equity, and to advocate for our region’s most at-risk populations. They believe in being creative, innovative, and community focused to meet goals — ensuring everyone has the resources they need to reach their highest level of health. They harness the power of collective impact to build more equitable communities where all people can thrive.


One way in which HCCSO advances health equity is through the Healthy Start program. Southern Oregon is home to higher-than-average rates of infant and maternal mortality, and Healthy Start aims to reduce these rates through community-based services for women, infants, and their families. One such way is via the enormously popular Welcome Baby shower event. As COVID-19 forced us into our homes, the team at HCCSO brainstormed how to transfer their star annual event, Welcome Baby, online.


Enter the team at Ruby Slipper! The HCCSO-Ruby Slipper dream team worked together to plot a journey of web design, strategic marketing, and stand-out custom graphics. For Welcome Baby, we devised a series of virtual events, and created a permanent home for a multitude of helpful resources. We sprinkled in stories, connected heart to heart, and shared in a meaningful way. Creating all new branding, we breathed life into the site with happy colors, curved shapes, and swooshing dividers. The effect is effervescent and soothing.


We LOVE the feel of this impactful site — it’s professional, fun, happy, approachable, informative, inclusive, fresh, organized, and represents people from all walks of life. And most importantly, it provides valuable information for all the families it is meant to serve!


We feel fortunate to embark on this bigger-picture marketing journey with HCCSO and help them to amplify all the good they do for Southern Oregon. When it comes to collaborating with clients and spreading feel-good information throughout our community, we couldn’t ask for better partners than the HCCSO team. We are thrilled to be by their side and have this beautiful and functional resource for our community.