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  US - Emeryville,  CA

Just Global is an integrated marketing agency built to service the world’s most impactful brands at a time of global digital transformation. Media, insights and creative services work together to create data-driven business outcomes for brands by delivering the right stories, within the right experiences at the right times. With a workforce distributed across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Just Global provides the world’s leading global companies with a frictionless service experience that creates richer connections between brands and their customers. The independent agency transforms ‘marketing as usual’ by activating relationships with people in wildly inventive and genuinely authentic ways.

  About Project

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Cyber security crimes continue to rise year-over-year and cost businesses millions of dollars in damages. Why? Because despite all the leading-edge technology, there’s a weak spot in the battle against hackers — people.  

Most of us are having fewer face-to-face meetings, working from home on un-encrypted servers or using changed work procedures. This is music to a hacker’s ears — and the reason Proofpoint created "Hackable Me."

To highlight this issue, cybersecurity specialists Proofpoint developed a podcast series aimed at the security industry — and the public too — positioning Proofpoint as educators, through the 'infotainment' series.
From phishing to deep fakes and bio-tech hacking — we found guests to shed light on it all. Next, came a promotional communication plan that drew on retro, 8-bit graphics to appeal to both our audiences. 
We also created the HACK-WISE TEST — a fun questionnaire that measured your risk of being hacked and let you post your achievement level to Facebook and Instagram.  

Then, came COVID 19.  

Episodes were quickly adjusted to reflect the world’s ‘new normal.’ Our team scrambled to record and deliver high-quality interviews with house-bound Futurists, Behavioural Psychologists, authors and even a hacker, located all across the globe. 
Hackable Me launched across Spotify, Apple, Google, and Acast; backed by social posts, videos and user-generated promotion.  
On a tiny media budget, we achieved almost 1M impressions and 2,000 podcast downloads establishing Proofpoint as a major player in the protection of businesses, their employees and their data.  

Due to its popularity, we are currently producing further episodes.