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If time is money, then efficiency is the name of the game and that starts with the right logic. As marketing professionals in Brownsville, Texas, the SpaceX Starship Starbase we’ve been shooting for the stars with clients since 2010. We love a good challenge, don’t shy away from competition, and exceed expectations across the board.

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  About Project

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Celebrity Fan Site / Client: Gina Joy Carano

It’s been a few months since we launched GinaCarano.net, what an adventure it’s been so far. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know the community and listening to what you love the most about Gina.

Something that was not common knowledge, however, was that GinaCarano.net originally started as a space for fans of Cara Dune to come together in one virtual space to connect with each other. However, following Gina’s exit from the Star Wars Universe, we realized we had the opportunity to achieve something much bigger and bring more people together over one common interest: supporting Gina Carano. The concept for GinaCarano.net was then fully realized.

Once we finalized the concept for the website, one of our GinaCarano.net team members, Daniel, introduced us to a talented web development company, VIVA_Network365. VIVA Media worked with the GinaCarano.net team to construct the website based on the specific concept and specification we gave them.

It appears that all of the hard work and dedication that has gone into GinaCarano.net has paid off. Yesterday it was revealed that GinaCarano.net had won the 2021 Gold Hermes Creative Award. A massive congratulations to VIVA for winning this award and for their fine work on GinaCarano.net!

GinaCaranoNET is a fan driven movement and online community dedicated to supporting the actress Gina Carano and her fans. We are passionate about creating a space where fans of Gina can be free to express themselves.

This is accomplished through fostering an inclusive virtual culture with respect, integrity, positivity, and utilizing the power of human connection.

A mission like this is not possible without the hard work and dedication of a team.


- Development & Marketing Director: Edward James Rodriguez
- Chief Creative Officer: Guillermo Chapa III

TEAM GINA CARANO - www.GinaCarano.net
- Admin: Emily
- Admin: Ash
- CFO: Danny
- Editor: Aleja
- Moderator / Finance Director
- Content Director: Memory
- Moderator: Alison
- Social Media Manager: Tuggs
- Art Director: Madison