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Hi, we’re NameStormers! We’re an Austin & Boston-based naming agency that has been creating brand names, company names, and product names for every type of business in every corner of the world since 1985 — and we’re not tired yet!

Our top-notch team of wordsmiths and naming experts have named everything from artificial intelligence platforms to no-artificial-ingredient snacks. We produce quick-turnaround projects or foster long-term relationships with start-ups, Fortune 500s, and nonprofits alike. Our team is highly strategic, perfected in process, and endlessly creative to ensure your name meets every need and works for you in the long run.

We are specialists in every aspect of name development, including brand naming, company naming, product naming, naming strategy, naming architecture and hierarchy, linguistic and legal screening, and market name testing. We will also conduct preliminary trademark and domain availability research, because having a fantastic name is fruitless unless it’s available!

  About Project

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For people suffering from late-stage heart failure, improving patient outcomes and quality of life is top of mind for doctors and medical device companies. Unfortunately, the options on the market don’t always yield the best results. Commercially available Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs) have often resulted in major adverse events like infection, thromboembolic events, and bleeding due to the percutaneous driveline (through the skin) and associated external cables and connectors.

For decades doctors, patients, and caregivers have hoped for a fully implantable, wireless LVAD, but no one was able to develop a workable solution, until now. Everheart Systems has been able to develop a system that is vastly superior to existing devices, improving the quality of life for end-stage heart failure patients.

This new LVAD has a highly efficient implantable rotary blood pump that’s 3X more efficient than competitors coupled with a robust and flexible transcutaneous (through the skin) charging technology. There is no percutaneous driveline, the implanted power source is small, recharging is wireless and easy to use, and all components are smaller and lighter than alternatives. These revolutionary advancements will potentially help to lower a patient’s risk of infection and stroke and improve their ability to move and sleep as well as bathe and swim. With less equipment to manage, no sterile bandages to change, and a discreet physical appearance, a patient can go about their day as normal.

In light of these incredible advances, Everheart Systems decided that they needed a new corporate name that would suit the momentous launch of this new LVAD and could communicate credibility and trustworthiness to both doctors and patients. To do this efficiently and effectively, Everheart partnered with NameStormers, a brand naming agency.

Everheart and NameStormers went through various rounds of name types and variations to help the Everheart team decide what benefits they hoped the new name would convey more than others. They explored high touch names, high tech names, totally made up names with no meaning, and very descriptive straightforward names.

Round after round, the Everheart team kept returning to one name: Corvion. Cor- is Latin for heart- the central part of the body, the essential foundation or soul of humankind. The “-ion” at the end communicated “small but powerful,” just like the molecular ions that make up every living thing. Put together with a conjoining “v,” the name had the strength and pizzazz of Corvette, with the seriousness and sincerity required to relate to doctors and patients in the worst situations of their lives.

“The new corporate name – Corvion, Inc. – allows us to emphasize our world class pump efficiency and robust wireless charging technology that we believe will drive a new era in the use of Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs). Patients will no longer be tethered to their controller and batteries, which limits their quality of life in so many ways. Decades have gone by with no viable fully implanted LVAD. We think it’s time for a radical change,” commented Greg S. Aber, CEO of Corvion, Inc, according to PRNewswire.

Corvion is eager to make its new technology available to doctors and patients and is currently working with the FDA to quickly and efficiently address topics as they arise during product development and testing. The hope of a higher quality and more normal lifestyle for end-stage heart failure patients is closer and closer every day. NameStormers is honored to have worked alongside an incredibly avid and intelligent team of medical pioneers working to change the lives and futures of many.