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  US - Chicago,  IL

Epsilon is a global marketing company with three core business capabilities — marketing, data and creative. We serve over 2,600 clients around the globe. Our depth of data resources and analytics allow us to merge transactional and behavioral data with insights for deep consumer understanding.

  About Project

Probiotics are becoming all the rage, but many consumers don't understand the meaning or importance of potency, which is the total number of active cultures. Fortify Probiotics contain 30 billion active cultures, guaranteed. And that's a whole lot more than the competition.

It's hard for consumers to tell the difference between one probiotic and another, especially since most TV spots show the same smiling people walking, running or patting their stomach to indicate digestive health. We needed to break out of that category space and focus on our point of difference - only Fortify delivers 30 billion active cultures.

Epsilon created the launch campaign for Fortify Probiotics, "Be 30 Billion Strong" and supported it with this tv spot that visually reinforces the sheer numbers the product delivers and drives home the idea that only Fortify delivers the potency that really matters.