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The Phoenix Group


  CA - Regina,  SK

We work with brands who take on giants. Brands who need to stretch every dollar. Brands who fight for every inch of shelf space, share of mind and share of voice. We help them with good thinking and kick-ass creative.

  About Project

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Face the issue uses a metaphor to express how our attitudes, approach and excuses are hiding interpersonal violence. It encourages us and gives us permission to speak up. To take an action. Or to simply bring the conversation out from the shadows.

Without realizing, we use words to remove ourselves from the issue. And, while we can make excuses, we can’t cover up interpersonal violence.


Account Planner: Keiza Williams
Creative Director: David Bellerive/Laila Haus
Art Director: Kristen Smith
Copy: Amanda Aho/David Bellerive
Director: Tara Yolan Mewis
DOP: Cary Ciesielski
Editor: Cary Ciesielski
Audio: Ross Hudgins
Photographer: Shawn Fulton