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  US - Needham Heights,  MA

Extreme Reach (ER) revolutionized the way advertisers control the deployment of their creative and how the media sources those ads to execute campaigns. The company proudly serves the best and biggest brands, agencies, production companies, media destinations, performers and rights owners.

  About Project

With the development of each new ad campaign, brands and agencies put millions on the line to launch creative into an increasingly complex landscape shaped by constant shifts in media, technology and consumer behavior. As such, they are always in search of effective means of analyzing and measuring campaign performance in order to develop the strategies that will succeed in the future.

ER’s Quarterly Video Benchmark Reports, based on performance metrics from our proprietary video ad server, track campaigns for a diverse set of brands across multiple categories. Each report identifies emerging ad performance trends as indicated by such metrics as click-through, completion and viewability rates as well as bot traffic and time spent, with breakdowns according to purchase method (i.e., premium media vendor vs. media aggregator) and device used (i.e., desktop, mobile, tablet and connected television [CTV]).

The value of the reports is enhanced by an interactive design that simplifies complex metrics into easily accessible charts with beautiful images that effectively convey the key takeaways of the data at a glance. This distinctive combination of data and design has helped our trend reports earn coverage from major publications including AdAge, Digiday, MediaPost and more, as well as inclusion in research reports by digitally focused organizations like eMarketer.