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  US - Needham Heights,  MA

Extreme Reach (ER) revolutionized the way advertisers control the deployment of their creative and how the media sources those ads to execute campaigns. The company proudly serves the best and biggest brands, agencies, production companies, media destinations, performers and rights owners.

  About Project

The Extreme Reach blog is a labor of love designed to help clients—and the industry at large—keep tabs on all the news, views and market intelligence shaping the evolution of the video advertising industry. Because our primary aim is to inform rather than promote, we take a journalistic approach to our blog entries, drawing from a range of respected, objective industry sources including top trade publications, consultancy group research and commentary from today’s leading marketers. Our people—experts in their own right whose work puts them at the intersection of the advertising creative, media and technology worlds on a daily basis—serve as authors and content curators to ensure we are hitting on the topics of most import to the industry. Our editorial is greatly enhanced by a highly appealing design and surprising images that draws in readers and keeps them engaged with the content—and our brand.