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  US - Saint Louis,  MO

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  About Project

DTE Energy sought to improve the customer journey to energy efficiency by providing a fun, engaging way to introduce customers to its various energy-saving programs and offers.

Perficient and DTE accomplished this goal by designing and building an interactive microsite where customers can explore each room in a 3D virtual home, click on objects, and learn about tips for saving money and reducing waste. The experience includes 10 rooms and a total of more than 40 clickable hotspots, many of which link out to relevant DTE programs and offers on the main website, which customers can then enroll in.

To make the experience even more engaging, we created badges to accompany each hotspot so customers can track their progress through the virtual environment. These badges also show how implementing the different tips could translate into energy savings and environmental impact, displaying running totals of hypothetical trees planted, bags of waste recycled, and gallons of gasoline saved.

The new Interactive, Energy-Efficient Home experience, launched successfully in June 2020.


DTE: Jeff LeBrun, Thac Nguyen, Jose Goncalves, Susan Stec, Michelle Yovanovich, Chris Kujawski, Brynn Guster

Perficient: Tyson Damman, Gabe Jimenez, Conner Hasbrouck, Kyle Obrecht, Dan Hammond, Katie Trent, Roger Matuz, Moe Besic, Chris Beard