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We help public sector clients across North America better connect with their communities and deliver services more efficiently through modular website design, integrated technologies, and advanced mobile applications. We are a division of GHD Digital.

  About Project

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The Village of Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada was looking to develop a brand for the municipality that would help differentiate the Village from other communities in the area. The goal of the project was to define a clear and authentic identity for Burns Lake and develop a marketing strategy and suite of tools that would enable staff to:
• establish the Village of Burns Lake as a thriving businesses community, and
• attract new visitors and residents to the Village.
We wanted to create cohesive identity that represents Burns Lake both locally and away and answers the question “Why Burns Lake?”.
Surrounded by lakes, breathtaking mountains, lush forests and an impressive network of trails, life in Burns Lake is deeply entrenched in outdoor living. It was also important for the brand to highlight Burns Lake’s rich Indigenous heritage, active arts scene and affordable lifestyle.
We began the project by exploring the current brand landscape through independent research and engagement with staff, members of Council and the community via workshops, focus groups and surveys. This deep dive allowed us to gain insights into people’s current perceptions of the Village so we could define an authentic brand that people would connect with. This also provided an opportunity for us to identify where the Village of Burns Lake could better tell their story through clear and consistent messaging.

Confident in our understanding of the Village’s unique value proposition, we were able to clearly define a brand platform and articulate a brand promise that resonated with stakeholders. The brand platform formed the foundation of a new visual identity including new logo, tagline, colour palette and business and marketing tools.

We developed the tagline "Carve Your Path" as a nod to multiple different unique facets of the community, including the winding Highway 16 that runs through the Village, the many excellent trails within Burns Lake, and the amazing artistic carvings-based heritage by local First Nations.

We provided training to staff before rolling out the brand to answer questions and ensure they understood their role in delivering a consistent brand experience. We developed a launch plan to introduce the new brand to the community. Because they are a key part of the Burns Lake brand, we included tactics that encouraged their participation and buy-in (community guide, swag opportunities, mural program).

We also delivered a comprehensive marketing strategy, building off the key differentiators of the brand platform, to target new businesses, visitors and residents that will help add character and contribute to the quality of life people love about Burns Lake.


eSolutionsGroup partnered with the Village of Burns Lake to create the all-new municipal brand.