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Viva Network, LLC


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Brownsville’s Leading Marketing & Content Development Agency Focused On Growing Your Brand.

We invest our efforts towards earning the trust and respect of some of the most amazing non-profit organizations, businesses, companies and emerging startups in South Texas.

By designing & implementing streamlined, strategic solutions, we help our clients find more customers and connect with their surrounding communities.


Welcome To The Award Winning Viva Media Group

If time is money, then efficiency is the name of the game and that starts with the right logic. As marketing professionals in Brownsville, Texas, the SpaceX Starship Starbase we’ve been shooting for the stars with clients since 2010. We love a good challenge, don’t shy away from competition, and exceed expectations across the board.

We aim to make B2B and B2C commerce successful, sustainable, and scalable for our clients. Data-driven initiatives power strategic growth. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you’re on the right website. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Onboarding is fast and easy. See you on the inside!

  About Project

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Since January 2021 when the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts director Deyanira Ramirez decided to officially team with with the local digital marketing agency Viva Media Group.

Viva has been working with the BMFA since 2010 on different projects but nothing formal but the foundation of trust in the professional service, knowledge and expertise, and quality of their product it was finally time to give the BMFA’s online presence the TLC attention it deserved and outsourced their digital marketing and online reputation management to the top rated and recommended local professionals.

“We invite competition because Competition reveals your weaknesses, we’re proud of representing our beautiful BMFA and the efforts of our team; we’re happy and proud of our Gold Award and being a part of the team and the solution” says Viva Media Group.

With the team in place and the new, url, design and development efforts in motion, Viva submitted the new desktop and mobile website for competition in the prestigious 15th Annual, International Hermes Creative Award digital media competition and needing to pay the entry fee with no guarantees they literally bet that their efforts and expertises could carry our museum into the winners circle.


VIVA MEDIA GROUP - www.Viva.network
- Development & Marketing Director: Edward James Rodriguez
- Chief Creative Officer: Guillermo Chapa III

- Museum Director: Deyanira Ramirez

- President: Inelda 'Nellie' Garcia
- Vice President: Diana Gonzalez
- Treasurer: Ray Longoria
- Recording Secretary: Carol A. Plumb