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Scorpion is a company that is 100% client-focused and results-oriented because we believe that our success is only found in our clients’ success. At Scorpion, our specialists fight for our clients to win their space. We see ourselves as genuine partners with everyone we work with.

  About Project

This site is dedicated to the story of Charles Espinoza, a young man who was severely burned in a plant accident in early 2016. His injuries required him to wait for a lung transplant. Thankfully, Charles received the lungs he needed—unlike hundreds of people every week who die waiting for a suitable transplant. This site is designed to make Charles’ story known, as well as the story of thousands of others like him who need suitable organ donors.
Through the use of engaging graphics, personal photos, and compelling storytelling, the site encourages all visitors to pledge to become organ donors. The site also addresses common donor myths and provides the latest statistics in visual form to highlight the impact of each donor pledge. Combined, the site serves as a beautiful, compelling, and ultimately hopeful plea from every patient who needs an organ transplant.