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  CA - Toronto,  ON

  About Project

Abacus helped TREC Brands launch its empowering cannabis brand, Blissed, through an eye-catching and insightful campaign based on symbolic visual hooks.

There is so much clutter online, especially in the Canadian cannabis market, which is why the bold campaign used its own limitations (not being able to show people in cannabis ads) as an opportunity to stand out, leading its freedom-seeking audience to the campaign site.


Creative Director: Corey Way
Associate Creative Director: Adam Mohammed
Design Lead: Juan Exposito
Copywriter: Adam Mohammed
Art Director: Juan Exposito
Designer: Bethan McGarr
Motion Graphics Artist: Kat Gileno
Account Coordinator: Catherine Lacroix
Associate Account Director: Dane Armstrong

VP Marketing: Kayla Rochkin
Brand Manager: Trina Lee
Creative Director: Sean Stewart