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Writing by Design, LLC


  US - Appleton,  WI

Founded in 2006, Writing by Design is an agency that specializes in helping national and international Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies develop language to launch innovative new products, and assists businesses of all sizes in developing strategic and effective marketing communications.

  About Project

Our objectives with the 2.75”x2.75”x2.75” cube were to capture the attention of focus group observers and inform them that there is a tool that gives them the ability to quickly and easily create clips from the focus group recordings to share with clients and senior leaders. Our client needed a way to educate their audience about QualVault since it was a new service and pique their interest in learning more about the quick clipping tool and other QualVault services. Our goal was to get the audience to visit the landing page and ultimately sign up to use QualVault to make clips of their focus group recordings.

Our challenge was space! While the cube provided a very unique shape to help break through the backroom clutter, it also provided limited area to work with. Treating it like a mini billboard, we were able to use one line on each side to inform the audience that they can take the consumer feedback from the focus group research they were conducting that day and quickly and easily share it with their senior leaders or sales team. This project reminded us how daunting it can be for clients (and ourselves) to take a leap of faith and try something new (especially when it involves the ability to use limited copy within the marketing collateral) and wait to see how it performs.