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Rendia, Inc.


  US - Baltimore,  MD

Rendia blends stunning clinical artwork with interactive technology to help doctors and patients understand each other better. Rendia bridges the communication gap between doctors and patients to build better relationships and improve patient outcomes.

  About Project

People are often unaware they have glaucoma until they have already experienced extreme, irreversible vision loss. For people who have been told by their eye doctor that they are a “glaucoma suspect,” this video lists the anatomical risk factors for glaucoma and encourages patients to come in for regular eye exams and testing. This animation is intended to be shared by eye care practices with their patients through email, social media, or on the practice website. Created in Adobe After Effects, this video entertains patients while motivating them to proactively monitor their eye health.


Lead Animator - Spencer DeMetrick
Script Writer - Julia Gardullo
Art Director - Brigitte Granger