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After Digital


  GB - Glasgow

After Digital is an award-winning strategic agency with offices in Glasgow and Manchester. Over 20 years, the team have applied their expertise to craft outstanding digital solutions for the likes of Milwaukee Zoo, Honolulu Museum of Art, London Philharmonic Orchestra and BBC.

  About Project

We were approached by Auditorium Theatre, a much-loved historical landmark and venue in Chicago, in 2018, they were tendering for an agency to partner with on a full redesign of their website. Their aim was to re-launch the website with a more user-friendly experience with an easy to navigate, seamless experience; allowing their customers to purchase tickets, first and foremost, but also promotes their donor, educational, and rental opportunities. After Digital was thrilled to win the tender and work on the relaunch of Auditorium Theatre's website.

The site was built using WordPress and utilises our fully-featured page building functionality, enabling administrators to have full control over the structure of each page, while maintaining a high degree of visual cohesion. Pages can be constructed from a range of ‘component’ blocks: banners, videos, social posts, galleries, custom forms to name just a few.

Using our T-Bridge product we have been able to provide a seamless booking journey for their customers, from a world-class seat selection facility to an intuitive package/subscription booking experience. Each stage in the process is designed not only to offer the least possible friction to the customer, but also to allow the theatre to upsell and cross-sell additional offerings in a natural and helpful way.

The site itself was built using cutting-edge web technologies to provide a fast and robust user interface, enabling customers to find what they’re looking for as quickly as possible. Customers have full access to control their account details, manage their memberships and subscriptions and view all their previous purchases and donations.

T-Bridge also allowed us to integrate the site directly with Tessitura, fully utilising the REST API to provide as much information to the user while requiring little-to-no content entry duplication for the admin team. It also pulls through the basic production and performance information from Tessitura. The admin team then add additional content such as images, videos, artist information, reviews, venue access and any other important information to them and these are published to the website.

Once live, the availability is constantly monitored and users are notified immediately when availability starts running low or an event has sold out. When attempting to book tickets the customer is directed only to areas which still have availability and are given an easy to use seat map with clear pricing information and as few barriers as possible to get tickets added to their cart.


UX Designer - Rachel Ward

Web Developers - Craig Pryde, Rodolfo Perez & Mark James