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  US - Valencia,  CA

Scorpion is a company that is 100% client-focused and results-oriented because we believe that our success is only found in our clients’ success. At Scorpion, our specialists fight for our clients to win their space. We see ourselves as genuine partners with everyone we work with.

  About Project

Acme Plumbing Co. is a high-quality plumbing service provider that was founded in 1947. Their company is identified by their old-fashioned values and traditions, which is reflected in the design and imagery of their site. The “retro” design plays up Acme’s history and roots, as well as their brand as a family-owned company. However, muted colors and modern urban imagery places Acme firmly in the 21st century, positioning them as the seasoned and relevant plumbers that their customers need. The sticky navigation makes navigation intuitive and immediate—users have an equally simple time browsing their content as they do filling out a short and simple request form. From the typeface to the classic iconography, the site beautifully presents Acme as an authoritative and knowledgeable plumber, a company with the history that goes back generations without losing their place as a premier plumbing service.