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Viceroy Creative


  US - Long Island City,  NY

Viceroy Creative is a full-service marketing agency. We use strategic creative marketing and design to solve business objectives. Viceroy takes creative projects from idea to completion and everything in between, in a uniquely collaborative approach. Climbing mountains and slaying dragons.

  About Project

To mark a decade of success, Society Awards – the company that makes the world’s most prestigious and iconic awards – created its own 10 Year Anniversary Chocolate Bar “brand” as a gift to thank clients. Included in two randomly selected chocolate bars were the coveted golden tickets to attend The Voice Finale or MTV Movie & TV Awards. Those who did not win a golden ticket were comforted with the bespoke chocolate bar – formed in a custom branded mold and filled with edible gold leaf.

To match the decadence of the 10 Year chocolate bar, Viceroy Creative designed the luxurious packaging. Metallic soft-touch paper gives the printed elements a luminous effect while increasing the in-hand appeal. The gold elements of the packaging – text, marble veins, award accents – are made especially effective as a result of this material.

The marble pattern on the front and sides hints at the rich, swirling appeal of chocolate and yet is a more literal nod to the marble used in awards manufacturing.

A custom 10-year anniversary logo was designed for the occasion. This logo appears on the front and back of the package embossed with gold foil. The back of the package includes an artful image of a Society Awards Limited Edition trophy – a particularly luxurious award released as well in celebration of the 10 Year Anniversary. All of these elements come together to result in a luxury chocolate bar that looks retail ready – it even has the requisite nutrition facts.

“It’s exciting to execute a project like this, which involves the entire team,” said Creative Director, Gabrielle Rein “The idea of creating what is essentially a whole new brand without any intention of going to market is sort of crazy, but Society Awards isn’t your average company – bringing wild ideas into reality is their niche, in a way.”

The deeply meaningful, hand-selected gift resonated. Since receiving the chocolate bars, client calls have poured in expressing thanks, marveling over the attention to detail and asking where they could get more of the decadent gift. One large retail client even inquired as to how they could get a custom chocolate bar for their brand. It was a great way to connect and show appreciation. Several organizations shared the moment on social media but more than that, the 10 Year Chocolate bar proved itself as a great touch point and reminder to clients of the Society Awards commitment to luxury service.


Gabrielle Rein, Creative Director